What is a Parish?

Parishes are groups of connection and care based on neighborhoods/region represented within our congregation. Parishes are led by deacons.

What is a Deacon?

Deacons are the leaders of parishes. They support those in their parish through prayer and connection by coordinating meals and/or support for individuals in their parish in periods of need, whether recovering from sickness, experiencing grief and change, or welcoming a new child into their family. They also communicate confidentially with the pastoral team about any needs that can be met pastorally, with the permission of the individual.

How do I get connected to a Parish?

  • Use the map below to find your address (if you click each highlighted area, you’ll see a list of zip codes). 
  • Once you’ve identified what Parish your neighborhood is in, find the group below the map and click “Join Group” to get connected to your deacon.

Prefer that we do it for you?
Just click the button above the groups that says “Help Me Get Connected.”

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